Issues and Facts about Cannabis

Cannabis: Issues and Facts

This single plant could uplift the poorest and hungriest person or nation from poverty into economic stability in just a matter of a few crops. Governments and corporations do not want people to have this wealth because of greed, fascist greed. Truth shall prevail and this  site aims to provide comprehensive information about cannabis and cannabis policies. We are excited about a wealth of information that is structured in a way to make clear, facts and issues relating to cannabis. 



If your new to learning about cannabis, our photos page shows a wide range of cannabis  in various stages of use. You might find our overview of cannabis prohibition policies an interesting place to learn why and how marijuana was made illegal.



We have a wealth of medical research documents for almost every disease and all the major and not so major government commissioned reports testifying to the safety and efficacy of cannabis.



We believe you will find our collection of videos have vital and up-to-date selections.



Cannabis is an amazing plant. As gift from God, it has been called the tree of life; a holy anointing sacrament used by all major religions. Cannabis was the first plant ever cultivated over 10,000 years ago. Wars and battles were fought for it's precious fiber's.



The science of cannabis has led to major medical discoveries into the working of our own bodily endocannabiniod system, as system of homostatis and modulating bodily functions. Cannabis has proved useful as an easement of most major medical diseases because it uniquely stimulates our own endocannabinoids. We even try to explain the decarboxylation process and the science behind the cannabinoids.



Our links page trys to maintain a list of good cannabis magazines and e-zines. We also cover Oregon politics and cannabis activists organizations.